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Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum - Autumn Red - 41LQL000USA

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Product Overview:

  • Mobile Control – conveniently operate the Scout RX2 anywhere and anytime with your smartphone or tablet
  • Quattro Cleaning Power – consisting of side brushes, rotary brush, sealing lip and brushless motor. Combined with strong suction power and energy efficiency, the RX2 provides a thorough clean.
  • 3D Smart Navigation Technology – with a stereo camera system and systematic navigation, the RX2 knows exactly where to go at all times.
  • Interactive Map – add text fields to the map within the app, to distinguish the different rooms in your home. See where the RX2 has cleaned, and still needs to clean.
  • Carpet Boost Function – the RX2 has a floor covering detection system, and will automatically adjust to the surface that is being cleaned. Ideal for all flooring types.
  • 60-Min Constant Run Time – the RX2 automatically goes back to the charging station once it’s run its course.
  • Designed with your hygiene in mind – the 0.5 liter dust box is easy to remove and empty. The standard Air Clean Plus Filter provides superior filtration.
  • Silent Mode – for a more quiet clean, Miele has perfected this low-noise development.



Conveniently operate the Scout RX2 by your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. The app provides all important information and offers key control options at a glance.

*Remote access is via the Miele cloud server and a WLAN home network in which the Scout RX2 is registered.

Interactive Map

The Scout RX2 systematically maps and cleans your home, knowing where it has cleaned and where it still needs to clean. With the Interactive Map available in the app, distinguish the different rooms in your home by adding text fields. You can simply tell the Scout RX2 where to go if a certain area needs cleaning.

3D Smart Navigation

With new 3D technology, the Scout RX2 can register objects throughout the room and negotiate all obstacles. This improved navigation technology consists of a stereo camera system, gyro sensor, 10 infrared sensors and state-of-the-art electronics and software. This technology ensures the most reliable navigation - even in the dark!

Quattro Cleaning Power

Four elements contribute to the Scout RX2's unmatched cleaning performance. The swing-out side brushes clean along walls and in corners, while the suction aperture with roller brush toward the front suck up dirt and dust. A second suction aperture in the rear is sure to pick up any remaining dust. Lastly, the energy-efficient brushless motor ensures consistent high suction power.

Dust Bin + Filter

All dust and dirt is collected into the easy-clean dustbin, with a 0.5L capacity. The Scout RX2 also comes standard with an AirClean Plus Filter which ensures that all dust and debris remains where it belongs - in the dustbin. The effective filtration ensures clean room air.

Carpet Boost Function

The Scout RX2 can clean smooth floors and carpet with ease. With the floor covering detection system, the Scout RX2 knows when its vacuuming on carpet and cleans with maximum power. The specially developed roller brush collects coarse dirt and fibers, with a combination of dense bristles and rubber lips.


Robot vacuum cleaners Yes
Product line Scout RX2
Product type SLQL0
Cleaning system Quattro Cleaning Power
Corner Brush Yes
Navigation 3D Smart Navigation
Non-Stop Power Yes
Furniture Protection Technology Yes
Operating time in min. 60
Recharging time in min. 150
Carpet height in in.(mm) 0 3/4 (17)
Cleaning programs 4
Auto-Mode Yes
Spot-Mode Yes
Turbo-Mode Yes
Silent-Mode Yes
Manual cleaning Yes
Timer Every day is different
Flat design in in.(mm) 3 3/8 (85)
Exhaust filter AirClean Plus filter
Battery type Li-Ion
Nominal battery capacity in mAh 2200
Diameter in in.(mm) 13.9 (354)
Filter AirClean Plus filter
Remote control Yes
Base station Yes
Adapter Yes
Area demarcation magnetic tape
Replacement side brushes 2
Replacement filters 1

Additional Info

Model Number 41LQL000USA
Manufacturer Miele
Width No
Depth No
Height No
Product Weight (lbs.) 7.0000
Watts No
Volts No
Case Material No
Size No
Material No


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