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Who Are We? (A Bit Philosophical, We Know...)

While daydreaming over the coagulated mush that once was spaghetti, we spotted a family swirling mounds of elegant angel hair with marinara and meatballs. Lips were licked, bursting with smiles. How were they enjoying store bought noodles? We spied on the counter, a thing of all things—a pasta maker. Fresh, never frozen and never dried pasta—and we knew then we needed a place for dreamers. Born on that day was Outletgear. A dream to see home cooks with fists on their hips as they plated creations. A dream to see smiles on their family’s faces.

The only way to achieve such a dream was to stock kitchens with oodles of cool gadgets and gizmos. To match such a hefty tag, Outletgear sliced the price in twos, then threes. Now home cooks can be the Prince Of Penne and not paupers. Smile are easily passed around the table, not bought. Outletgear achieved the dream so home cooks could achieve the meal.

Outletgear is Seattle Coffee Gear’s crazy uncle at a baseball game. Instead of bringing the grill for the hot dogs and hamburgers, we brought the pasta maker. Nothing says baseball like fresh Italian cuisine. Little league should be thanking us, really, since we chucked out the processed meat-bits and brought our A-game with the home-made stuff.